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Elvia name means blond

Elvia name means blond Local Origin of Name: Latin From the name Elvia /Elva/Elvira Meaning: Blond. Emotional Spectrum • A sensible person with sensible emotions. Personal Integrity • Friends know that Elvia can keep...


Palben name means blond in Basque

Palben Local Origin of Name: Basque From the name Palben Meaning: Blond Emotional Spectrum • Not known to express his emotions openly. Personal Integrity • He values his personal honesty above other virtues. Personality...


Finnobarr name means blond

Finnobarr name means blond Finnobarr, Finnbar Local Origin of Name: Celtic From the name Finnobarr Meaning: Blond Emotional Spectrum Can only be pushed so far… Personal Integrity His personal ethics are uncompromised! Personality A...