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Francisco name means Frenchman

Francisco name means Frenchman Local Origin of Name: Hispanic From the Latin name Francis Meaning: ‘Frenchman’ Emotional Spectrum • Everyone loves to love Francisco. Personal Integrity • Francisco is the height of respectability. Personality...


Enya means little fire or Nut

Enya means little fire or Nut Eithne means kernel of a nut or seed but it may also be related to Aidan meaning little fire. There are at least nine St. Eithnes. One 6th...


Eunice Gayson bio and photos

  Eunice Gayson at the Internet Movie Database Official Website Official Autographs   Eunice Gayson is a British actress born in Croydon on 17 March 1928.  She is best known for playing Sylvia Trench, James...