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Megumi Nakajima | Name tells about everything

Megumi Nakajima

Megumi Nakajima (中島 愛 Nakajima Megumi?, born June 5, 1989) is a seiyū and singer under the Stardust Promotion talent agency. A hafu born of a Japanese father and a Filipina mother,  she was brought up in a “house filled with music” and grew up with the desire to sing. In 2003, she participated in the “Self Stardust Promotion” contest and passed, thereby affiliating her to the agency. In 2007, she auditioned to the Victor Entertainment sanctioned “Victor Vocal & Voice Audition” and won the role to voice Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier. She made her debut performance as a professional artist at the “Macross 25th Anniversary Concert” on April 18, 2007. Her first vocal recordings appeared in the compilation album Macross Frontier O.S.T.1 Nyan FRO. on June 4, 2008. Her first solo live performance was a mini-concert entitled “Ranka Lee = Megumi Nakajima Mini Live @ Formo… Not! Venus Fort☆” (ランカ・リー=中島愛 ミニライブ@フォルモ…ぢゃないよ!ヴィーナスフォート☆ Ranka Rī = Nakajima Megumi Mini Raibu @ Forumo… Janai yo! Vīnasu Fōto☆) which was done on June 14, 2008. She made her single debut on June 25, 2008 with the single Seikan Hikō. Her first major concert was the “Super Dimension Super Live” (超時空スーパーライブ Chō Jikū Sūpā Raibu?) concert held on July 27, 2008. She won the award for Best Musical Performance in the 3rd Seiyu Awards held on March 7, 2009, for her performance as Ranka Lee in the song Seikan Hikō of Macross F. Tenshi ni Naritai was her first single in 2009 and the first single to be released outside of her role from Macross F. It was followed up by the single Nostalgia two months later. The Third of June began the series Akikan!, where she was the voice of Miku (The Strongest Akikan) and the role of bad girl of the series. Megumi after that, participated in the series Basquash!, giving life to the character of Citron that along with Rouge (Tomatsu Haruka) and Violette (Saori Hayami) formed the pop group Eclipse, this was dissolved at the end of the series; after it, began work on the series, Kämpfer, as Sakura Kaede (who unlike her previous roles, she fight for the person who love, but still retains its characteristic tenderness), while representing Chiho and Chise Mihara in Kobato. At the end of 2009, Nakajima voiced Ranka Lee in the first movie of Macross Frontier franchise Macross Frontier the Movie: The False SongstressIn 2010 played a Lyra a celestial spirit that belongs to Lucy Heartfilia of the Fairy Tail series. In February 2011, Nakajima returned to the silver screen to voice Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier’s second movie Macross Frontier the Movie: The Wings of Goodbye

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