India or Hindu Girl’s popular name start E1

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Name .  Meaning
Eda .  Wealthy Guardian; Wealthy; Happy; Fight; Warrior; Strife for Wealth
Eha .  Desirous
Eka .  Matchless; Alone; Unique
Eki .  A Single String Necklace
Ela .  God is My Oath; Stone; All; Completely; God is Perfection; God is Wow; Order; Beauty; Harmony; Hazel; Cardamom Tree; Earth
Ena .  The Zodiac Sign of Capricorn
Era .  Long Period of Time; Wind; Air
Eta .  Luminous
Eva .  Life; To Live; To Breath; Good News; Form of Eve; Beloved; Living One; Breath of Life; Life-giving
Echo .  Return of Sound
Edha .  Sacred
Edna .  Pleasure
Eena .  Mirror
Eila .  The Earth
Ekaa .  Goddess Durga
Ekta .  One; Unity
Elga .  Elfin Spear
Elil .  Beauty
Elma .  Will; Desire; Helmet; God’s Protection; Will-helmet; Apple
Elsa .  God’s Promise; God is My Oath; Noble; Nobility; Variant of Elizabeth; Pledged to God; God is Perfection; My God is a Vow
Emma .  Industrious; All-containing; Universal; Embracing Everything; Whole; Entire; All
Eona .  Female Version of Ian
Esha .  Pleasure; Desire
Easha .  Desire
Eashi tell us about your name meaning
Eccha .  Goddess Parvati
Edana .  Fiery
Edith .  Prosperous in War; Joyous; Prosperity; Battle; Rich Gift; Strife for Wealth; Rich in War
Edlyn .  Princess; Small Noble One; Noblewoman
Eedha .  Sacred
Eesha .  Goddess Parvati; Purity
Eevan .  Beauty
Effie .  Star; Melodious Talk; Pleasant Speech; Sweet Spoken; Of Fair Fame
Ehani tell us about your name meaning
Eilin .  Torch; Bright Light
Eiman .  Faith
Eisha tell us about your name meaning
Ekaja .  The Only Child
Ekala .  Only Child
Ekani .  One
Ekata .  Unity
Ekdha tell us about your name meaning
Ekiya tell us about your name meaning
Eksha .  Rational
Ektaa .  Unity
Ektha tell us about your name meaning
Elana .  Announce
Elaro .  Beauty
Elena .  Light; Sun Ray; Shining; Form of Eleanor; Variant of Helen; Feminine of Alexander; Defender of Mankind; Sun; The Bright One
Eleni .  Light or Torch
Elfie .  Good Elf; Elf; Power
Elham .  Inspiration; Revelation
Elika .  Pelican of God; Earth
Elili .  Beautiful
Elina .  Woman with Intelligence
Elisa .  God is My Oath; God’s Promise; Consecrated to God Abbreviation of Elisabeth; Spanish Form of Elizabeth Consecrated to God; Dedicated to God
Elise .  God is My Oath; Consecrated to God Abbreviation of Elisabeth; Pledged to God; Form of Elizabeth
Eliza .  God is My Oath; Consecrated to God; Form of Elizabeth; Pledged to God; The Chosen; Unique; Precious
Ellie .  Light; Nobility; All; Completely; Exalted; Sun Ray; Shining Light; Foreign; Famous Warrior
Emani tell us about your name meaning
Emily .  Industrious; To Strive; Excel; Rival; Eager; Laborious; Emulating; Emily
Erina .  Beautiful Lady; From Ireland; Poetic Name for Ireland
Esaki .  Girl
Eshal .  The Name of Flower in the Heaven
Eshma .  Lucky
Eshna .  Wish or Strong Desire
Eshni .  Name of Goddess Durga
Esita .  Desired; One who Desires
Estaa tell us about your name meaning
Etaka .  The Philosophical One; The Cleverest of All
Etasa .  One who Desires
Etash .  Luminous
Ezhil .  Beautiful; Azhagu
Ezzah .  A Person who Gives the Honour; Respect
Eartha .  Earthy; Born of the Earth; Child of the World
Eashaa .  Desire; Durga
Eashta .  Eashwara’s Name
Ebbani .  Desire
Edhita .  Progressed
Edwina .  Prosperous Friend; Female Version of Edwin; Friend of Riches; Blessed Friend; Wealthy Friend; Valuable Friend
Eeshta .  Beloved
Eeshvi .  God
Efrona .  Feminine of Efron
Eileen .  Light
Eimaan .  Faith
Ekanta .  Devoted Girl
Ekatha .  Unity
Ekisha .  One Goddess
Ekroop .  One Beauteous Form
Ekvira .  Queen Fish
Elaheh .  Goddess
Elaine .  Shining; Variant of Helen; Torch; Bright Light; Light
Elakia .  Literature
Elakya .  Literature
Elamma tell us about your name meaning
Elisai .  Seven Musical Notes; Melodious
Ellora .  Clouds
Elvisa .  Feminine of Elvis
Erisha .  Speech
Ernika .  Sunlight
Eshana .  Search
Eshani .  Goddess Parvathi; Close to God
Eshika .  An Arrow; Dart
Eshita .  One who Desires
Esther .  Star; Myrtle Leaf; Like a Star; Stampedding Horses
Eswari .  Hindu Goddess Name; Goddess Parvati; Wife of God Siva
Eswary .  Good Girl
Etasha .  Shining
Ethaha .  Shining
Ethari .  Luminous
Etisha .  Beginning After End

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